Code4SP: The Coach Training

Last week project partners of the code4sp project spent two days learning to program on the CodeDoor platform. The goal of this workshop was to introduce them to how CodeDoor works and the features of the platform in order to figure out how to integrate it into their teaching offerings. For this purpose, the participants were divided into small groups after a short introduction to the platform. In these groups, they then had to work on projects based on a given project outline. In the process, they could ask CodeDoor mentors for help at any time. After two days of challenges, fun and programming, the results were presented. Each group did a great job on their project, whether they had previous programming experience or not. The results are just impressive and we are absolutely thrilled about the code4sp team’s enthusiasm for learning! Thank you all for this wonderful experience!

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Here is a picture of a result of one of the groups: