Is Coding a Good Career and Will It Stay Relevant in the Future?

Certainly, you have already come across many articles stating the importance of coding skills nowadays and read about the good career opportunities for coders and the lack of professionals that so many companies try to fill. So, no question that becoming a coder is a perfect choice for your career path, right? Well maybe it is still a question that does occupy your mind and maybe you are not sure which of the many paths you should go in the coding world of opportunities. The latter is for sure a question that our participants in the code4sp training hotspots in Cyprus, Greece and Portugal are currently asking themselves as they are progressing in the code4SP training to the point to decide on the path they want to pursue. The question “Is coding a good career and will it stay relevant in the future?” is analyzed in the article by Priya Iyer Vyas. After listing which coding languages are the best to learn for the different professional fields, the article also refers to the development of the tech and industry market, pointing out, which jobs will enter a phase of decline as they transform with rising automation and AI. It’s a quick read to get an overview that might help you find out, which programming path you want to choose for your career and how you best get started… besides getting involved with the code4SP training 😉