The National Seminar and Round Table Discussion in Cyprus

On the 7th  and 23rd of September, the Cypriot partners of the project (Center for Social Innovation and CSI and Citizens In Power) held two National Seminars under Work Package 2 of the project with great success!

In general, participants in the National Seminars in Cyprus had a wide variety of backgrounds and professional and academic experience, and each participant could express useful feedback and recommendations based on their knowledge and expertise.  The two National Seminars held in CSI and CIP managed to reach 30 participants.

On Thursday 9th of September, a Round Table Discussion of the project has been hosted by the two Cypriot partners, along with an advisory group, to discuss the transferability of the CodeDoor best practice in Cyprus! During the round table discussion, participants pointed out several challenges that may arise when transferring the CodeDoor best practice in Cyprus and made several recommendations and suggestions based on their knowledge, expertise, and experiences.