The National Seminar and Round Table in Portugal!

41 participants attended f2f the two activities and provided their expertise to the project team.

During the 13th and 14th of September, in the Espinho VET School facilities, the Portuguese Code4SP project partners held a National Seminar and a Round Table to debate the challenges of CodeDoor's good practice and its transferability, as well as discuss how to apply it to the national context.

In both sessions, the Portuguese team gathered key feedback for a successful implementation of CodeDoor's best practice in the country. Indeed, the participants considered it very clear and well-structured. They added that it could be a good option to face the scarce offer of free training in Programming and Computer Science in Portugal. On one hand, it is a great moment to increase the supply of labour in a growing sector. On the other hand, given the philanthropic nature of the project, empowering individuals in a vulnerable situation will brighten up the project.

The Portuguese project team is very grateful to all the participants who, through their experience, gave them several important pieces of advice on the contents, structure, certification and dissemination of the course.

National Seminar

Round Table